Wooden Sliding gate

Wooden sliding gate

Wooden Cantilever sliding gate connected to a GSM door entry system which gives the facility for remote opening and keypad access. The system was set up for timed trade access to allow the gate to open¬†1m only¬†between pre programmed periods. …
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Chase Lane Primary School


Installation of underground automation to the main entrance gate which is controlled by a wireless audio door entry system with a built in digital key pad. The gates automatically open on the approach of an authorised vehicle by the installed transponder system. A CCTV system has been installed to view and record the entrance gate. The pedestrian gate is locked off automatically by a maglock which is set on a timer to allow free access between school starting and finishing times.
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White Notley School gates


White Notley Primary School- Installation of new entrance vehicle gate, pedestrian gate and connecting railings. Automated by electro mechanical underground automation. Controlled by a wireless door entry system and an access control proximity system
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Nursing Home automated gates


Installation of above ground electro mechanical automation with a free exit inductive loop and audio door entry system.
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